Corona is da Naum vu am mexikanischn Bia, des vu Grupo Modelo braud wiad. the Spanish flu was in fact an American flu, HIV came from Africa, Ebola came from Africa, swine flu from Mexico, the cholera epidemic of the 1960s with millions of deaths from Indonesia and MERS They DMZ – FORSCHUNG / MEDIZIN / POLITIK ¦ Guest comment Prof. Dr. med. Perhaps authorities and the media should put the facts on the table for once instead of presenting reports every two days of an apparently successful vaccination that is not far away. DMZ – AUSFLUGSTIPPS ¦ Patricia Jungo ¦ Von den drei kleinen Inseln mitten im Ausfluss des Rheins aus dem Bodensee ist nur die idyllische Klosterinsel Werd bewohnt; und dies bereits seit 1200 Jahren. Epidemiologe Marcel Salathé von der ETH Lausanne unzählige Menschenleben retten: «Endziel muss ein Impfstoff sein. Dr. h.c. Paul Robert Vogt Original (07.04.2020) - COVID-19 - eine Zwischenbilanz oder eine Analyse der Moral, der medizinischen Fakten, sowie der aktuellen und zukünftigen politischen Entscheidungen Thoughts from a worried Swiss Citizen Preface: why do I speak out about it at all? The There is no doubt that China's "command and control" structure initially led to the suppression of relevant information, but conversely it worked all the more effectively in limiting the pandemic None of the measures successfully implemented by Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong or China have been applied. Switzerland must finally investigate how much of each million in later on. not possible to provide enough masks. High genetic variability of bats, i.e. Lassen Sie sich von unseren leckeren Rezepten zum Nachkochen inspirieren. But not one that is staffed only by politicians. health insurance money is still spent on medical services that directly benefit patients and how much money is diverted to lobby groups outside the industry that shamelessly enrich themselves on ), tons of computers and "Big Data" and thus, in an act of misappropriation, withdraw billions from the health system. Despite As a medical doctor, I would refuse to participate in such a vaccination campaign. (07.04.2020) - COVID-19 - eine Zwischenbilanz oder eine Analyse der Moral, der medizinischen Fakten, sowie der aktuellen und zukünftigen politischen Entscheidungen. At least American scientists and some political journalists reacted differently. Already on March 16th 2020  American and Chinese scientists published a paper, stating that for every 14 documented cases of COVID19 positive people, Whether the higher temperatures of summer will help us, because the COVID-19 envelope is unstable at higher temperatures. Whether 0.9% or 1.2% or 2.3% die because of COVID-19 is secondary and only food for statisticians. A Catalyst for Peace", "Has the West Lost It? Corona music. We need to ask the people at the front. Uzbekistan ordered its 82 students back from Wuhan in December and put everyone in quarantine. "lock-down" safer by allowing only non-infectious and no longer infectious people to move freely, for the time being, cannot be answered at present. In March 2019 Peng Zhou predicted a new corona epidemic soon for the following reasons: The fact that many of these viruses - coronaviruses, but also Ebola or Marburg viruses - reside together in bats and can exchange genetic material at random. have had an ongoing connection to “Union Hospital of Tongji Medical College/Huazhong University of Science and Technology” in Wuhan where I hold one of my four positions as a visiting professor. You will not find any. of 124 measures - all published before March 03, 2020. A Sankt Corona am Wechsel-i önkormányzat területén 2019 januárjában 390 fő élt. Nachrichten zur Aktie CORONA CORP | 903869 | JP3305950002 December 15, 2020 at 6:33 p.m. 18-year-old killed and 3 injured in fiery Chino crash 5. Bereits vor drei Wochen war man in Bern Jeden Montag wird jeweils aktuell der meistgelesene Artikel unserer bad if they represent 0.9% of all COVID-19 carriers? for people entering Switzerland. In addition, as Instead, Their Antagonism Makes Matters Worse". formed which has a longer incubation period than the current COVID19 virus, but which has the lethality of the Ebola virus. of us have ever seen such conditions in the context of "influenza". in vivo suggests that the virus has significant pathogenic potential not captured by current small animal models. But constant, mindless "bashing" of other nations cannot be a Or in other words: how did they look at Asia? Dec 22. I would also add arrogance and a boundless with a significant mortality rate. could have known what this pandemic was about and what one should take precautions against. That the 85-billion-euro Swiss healthcare system does not have masks to protect its citizens, nurses and doctors? We haven't, even though on February 6, 2020 a summary of 22 papers was P.S. There is a parental strain of these two COVID-19 viruses that has unfortunately remained undiscovered until now. The "summary" of this publication must be savored, because it is the perfect description of what is currently going In principle, these were 8 CONCRETE, EXPRESS WARNINGS WITHIN 17 YEARS that something like this will come. Overall, based on the current state of knowledge one cannot speak of an "ordinary flu". Must the support of the Western states by China now also be After the SARS epidemic, China set up a monitoring program to report conspicuous accumulation of atypical pneumonia as early as possible. How long any immunity could be protective. Anyone who makes such claims knows nothing about biology and life in general. Leserinnen und Leser der letzten Woche bekanntgegeben. Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), a coronavirus responsible for the 2019–20 pandemic . virus by 90%) while the FOPH and the Federal Council say that border closures are useless, "because most people would get infected at home anyway"? Even in the DNA of healthy people there are remains of viral gene sequences that have been "built were in Wuhan - in a city that "nobody" knows - and how they were distributed in a flash to all regions of the world? Horizon" on March 22nd after Mr. Lanzavecchia said that this virus is extremely contagious and resistant, on a small Ticino TV station on March 20th? Je nach Szenario könnten in der … It has never been possible to develop a vaccination against any coronavirus. Association" in collaboration with the University of California. ignorance and arrogance with facts, understanding and cooperation. double and triple data collection by clinics, health insurance companies and health directorates. it just mean that - if these figures really are unreliable - that this is a much more dangerous pandemic for which we in Europe should take precautions? Daraufhin gewährte die Forschungsgruppe einer deutschen TV-Journalistin Einsicht in die Resultate. Recommended because it is effective and already recommended during the Spanish flu. know-it-all attitude to his list. 827 likes. This was described as "unacceptable" and compared to China in the journal "Science" with the recently published article "Do us a favor". More rigid measures were taken too late. NO. Congratulations! Tage später stand diese Journalistin unter Coronavirus-Verdacht – und die ganze Forschungsgruppe other fields and how the world is just "interconnected". The more people are infected with COVID-19, the more likely it is that this virus will adapt even "better" to humans and become even more disastrous. 2019, we would have had 2 months to study the right data and draw the right conclusions. I won't even talk about the economic consequences. Was the research group of Antonio Lanzavecchia in Bellinzona consulted? It is a synthetic laboratory virus, because this is exactly what has been researched and the biological mechanism of the pathogenesis has already been described in detail in 2016. Lee Marrow), it found commercial success with worldwide hits "The Rhythm of the Night" (1993) and "Baby Baby" (1995).After the second album Bontempi left the band and was replaced by Francesco Conte and Paolo Dughero. Whole clinics are filled with patients who all have the same diagnosis. The media's coverage of facts, ethics, racism and eugenics, as well as a great deal of reader comments, shouldn’t be accepted without criticism. "Foreign Affairs" with Donald Trump and Anthony Fauci on the cover, writes on 28 March 2020: "Plagues Tell Us Who We Are. It is assumed that this has already cells, thus starting the pandemic. The Real Lessons of the in" over thousands of years. research and it was they who identified the genome of COVID-19 on January 7 and communicated it to the whole world. Aha, while diagnosing "influenza" of course everyone has always been wide awake, has always made the effort to diagnose completely and was always sure - I do not wish to go into further measures If these medical facts had been known and if we had been able to separate ideology, politics, and medicine, Switzerland would most probably be in a better position today: we would not have the 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM. Even in "Foreign Affairs", the most important essay journal on international politics, there are works with headlines such as: "What the world can learn from been asked for my opinion, I warned the Swiss parliamentarians, Federal Council, FOPH as well as the media. Politics and media play a particularly detestable role here. We can only say what is not feasible: the idea of actively infecting non-risk groups with the COVID-19 virus is certainly a pipe dream. Seit Mittwoch wird in Bern wieder am Impfstoff geforscht. A COVID 19 virus was transmitted to a human from the pangolin - a Malaysian mammal with scales, which had been illegally imported into China - and was initially not pathogenic. Out of five reasons: 1. contact with the virus without any consequences and how many people actually became ill. When I get off the plane in Tashkent, Beijing or Yangon, it takes 10 seconds and Swisscom The United Kingdom is the only monarchy in Europe that still practices coronation. pointless. Due to the current lack of knowledge, the figures for the month of March do not tell us anything. The other 124 measures taken by Taiwan have been published in the Journal of American Medical Association - in a timely fashion. Wer gerne sein Mittelland zeigen möchte, kann dies hier tun, COVID-19 - Analysen von Prof. Dr. med. Roche muss jetzt nur Many of these facts were known by the end of February. And on March 21: "It Takes a World to End a Pandemic. A recipe, nota bene, which Great At the very least - and this could have been done without informing the population, without sowing panic - the necessary medical material could have stocked. discussed how Germany should react to a future SARS pandemic! Antonio Lanzavecchia, who was a co-author of the above-mentioned research on synthetically produced coronaviruses? connecting the second most COVID-19 positive people per capita worldwide and a significantly smaller number of people would have lost their lives in this pandemic. Also, look for the hard numbers on "influenza"! Viral pneumonia is a medical problem, There are numerous dangerous viruses that have jumped from bats to humans and are responsible for many diseases: measles, mumps, rabies, Marburg fever, Ebola partial, incomplete "lock-down" of our economy and no controversial discussions about how to "get out" again. Wir bringen euch … Albert Gitchell, the kitchen sergeant - patient ZERO - spread the virus in the company he was cooking for, which In the course Senior Center Drive-Up Holiday Feast. Contrary to the opinion of the WHO, in January the Chinese enforced Wuhan with a "travel ban" and a curfew. Whole intensive care units are filled with patients who all have the same diagnosis. We still do not have a recognized and broadly applicable, defined therapy; we have never been able to present such a therapy for influenza either. Not for medical reasons but because the sheer number of patients simply means that the appropriate materials are lacking. Tracking? DMZ - WISSENSCHAFT / FORSCHUNG ¦ Der Basler Pharmakonzern Roche kann in den USA dank eines beschleunigten Verfahrens direkt mit der letzten und entscheidenden Testphase beginnen, um die Zulassung für ein Medikament gegen Immunreaktionen zu kriegen. But have you seen how many foreigners there from the Middle East with Saudi Arabia as its center. Forschende der ETH Lausanne (EPFL) arbeiten zusammen mit Kollegen in den USA an verschiedenen Szenarien. There were not enough ventilators available. YES, IT WAS ANNOUNCED AND THE DATA WAS AVAILABLE. Middle East in the months of May to July, when temperatures were higher than they ever are in our country. Continual statements such as "the Chinese are just lying anyway", "Taiwan can't be believed", "Singapore, a family dictatorship, is lying anyway" are not going to help us deal with this pandemic. is Switzerland with the second-highest per capita infection rate. Die Mittelländische, Düdingen. In this analysis, the number of and, because of the high mortality rate, did not arrive at the next caravanserai. But we waste millions and billions on overpriced and counterproductive IT projects. The opposite situation I know well enough. Die Nervosität ist verständlich: Wer das erste Mittel gegen das Coronavirus auf den Markt bringt, wird Millionen verdienen. in Switzerland have invested. (20.04.2020), COVID-19 - Analysen von Prof. Dr. med. Mittelländischen ihre ganz persönlichen Auflugsstipps. Today we can only guess how many. In unregelmässigen Abständen präsentieren die Macherinnen und Macher der If you had been better informed, you would have seen that certain countries have managed without rigid measures. How to use corona in a sentence. Doch was können Forscher für den Rest der Welt prognostizieren? Is this just "a common flu" that passes by every year and against which we usually do "nothing" - or is it a dangerous pandemic that requires rigid measures? An Sankt Corona am Wechsel amo in uska bungto ha distrito han Neunkirchen, Uruubos nga Austria, Austria Usa ka turók ini nga barasahon. Xi Jinping was still being nice when he said that Europe had become the global center of the pandemic in a very short time due to its "narcissism". After all, it is our media that After 27 (other sources say 41) patients in Wuhan were diagnosed with atypical pneumonia, still without a single death, the Chinese government informed the WHO on the 31st of December.