To mark the upcoming release of his new book How to Avoid a Climate Disaster , here are some of the best. Bill Gates' Summer Reading List. Gates says that reading is his favorite hobby and way to indulge his curiosity. FACEBOOK TWITTER LINKEDIN By Deborah D'Souza. His father claims that when Bill was a child, he read so much that they had to institute a rule of no reading at the dinner table. Bill Gates’ recommended reading list The Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist has been recommending books for years on his blog, Gates Notes. (And if you haven’t read the first two books in the Rosie trilogy, summer vacation is the perfect time to start!) Bill Gates has claimed to read about 50 books per year, averaging around one new book every week. Here is my full summer reading list: Upheaval, by Jared Diamond. I know I’m biased, but it’s one of the best books I’ve read so far this year. Bill Gates released his annual holiday book list on Tuesday, with recommendations of books he read throughout the year. Microsoft founder and billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates has published a list of five of his favourite books on his reading list in 2020. Gates hopes his favorite reads of the year will help readers end 2020 on a better note. In keeping with his annual tradition, Bill Gates has dropped his 2020 reading list, naming his top five favorite reads of the year. It’s been a year of cancellations, but Bill Gates is keeping one tradition alive. Updated May 23, 2019. His work is going to leave a lasting legacy in many different ways. 13 books Bill Gates recommends reading this summer to get you through the pandemic. His status and acumen with the reading list will amaze many new fans. ... Gates's summer reading list for 2020 offers both distractions and important lessons for coping with crisis. Here, the five books Bill Gates wants you to read this winter. I also can’t resist a plug for Melinda’s new book The Moment of Lift. Bill Gates is an intellectual unlike any other in the world. Bill Gates, who reads an average of about one book per week, says reading is his favorite way to learn about a new topic, according to one of his blog posts. A full list of almost 100 Bill Gates' book recommendations over the years along with a discussion of their evolution, genre focuses, and overarching trends. Every year, Bill Gates dedicates two posts on his blog (in summer and in winter) to his personal reading recommendations. He has dedicated two posts on his blog to share his personal reading recommendations.